Vuokatti Hiihto Special is an exciting skiing event which you can participate anywhere, for example on your own favorite ski track. Part of the entry fees will be donated to youth mental health work, to help with the challenges which have been further increased by the Covid-19 period in a significant way. The more skiers participate, the more we can help.


Vuokatti Hiihto Special distances are 10km, 30km, 50km and 100 km ”sprint”,  all familiar from Vuokatti Skiing events. All distances can be skied in both ski styles. Of course, you can also ski your own optional distance.


The official departure time of the Vuokatti Hiihto Special is March 20th, 2021 at 10 am.

Please note, all participants are free to go skiing according to their own schedules.


20 € / person Vuokatti Hiihto Special participation fee, all ski distances.

50 € / family   The family price (a total of 4 people, 1-2 adults and 2-3 children under the age of 18)

180 € / group  The group price for a ski group of 10 people

The entry fee includes:

  • A number bib and a participant’s medal (both will be mailed to participants in advance)
  • A virtual result service
  • Participation in Vuokatti Hiihto raffle
  • Broadcasted programme before and after the skiing
  • Donation via Mieli ry to alleviate metal problems of young people

Registration for the event ends on March 8th, 2021.


Participants will be sent a vest-shaped number bib and a participant medal in the mail in advance. We hope all participants would wear the number bib while skiing on the event day on the ski tracks!


Vuokatti Hiihto Special is a good mood skiing event. Therefore, we encourage participants to have fun and go to the tracks with a slightly more retro mood.

Share your retro-inspired skiing outfit, ski style and / or ski equipment in our Finnish channels with the tag #vuokattihiihtospecial and you are competing for Salomon S / MAX ESKIN skis with the new SHIFT IN binding.

Our jury will select the winner in the live broadcast studio starting at 3 pm. Finnish time.


Skiers who have paid the participation fee are entitled to use the virtual result service of the event. You can transfer your results to the result service from your own profile on the race day using the “My Time” button. You have four options:

  1. Direct integration into your training platform: Strava, Garmin, Polar, Suunto
  2. RaceConnect app (iOS and android)
  3. Performance download (GPX, TCX and FIT file formats)
  4. Manual time entry with an image or link to your performance (eg. image from a wristop computer or mobile phone screen)

The result service is indicative – we recommend not showing off too much nor breaking too many of your skis based on it. 🙂

Raffle prizes

No ranking prizes will be awarded at the event, but all prizes will be drawn in the after ski live competition studio starting at 3 pm. The raffle prizes include e.g.

  • 2 x pairs of Salomon S / MAX ESKIN skis with a new SHIFT IN bandage
  • 5 x packages of Start wax sets (RG series fluoride-free liquid waxes)
  • 1 x Sokos Hotel accommodation gift card

BEFORE- AND AFTER SKI (Etkot and Jatkot)

The Vuokatti Hiihto Special has an official live studio on the day of the event.

”The Before Ski (”Etkot” in Finnish 😊 ) competition studio will be broadcasted from 9-10 am (Finnish time, CET +1) and ”The After Ski” (”Jatkot” in Finnish) from 3-4 pm (Finnish time, CET +1).

”The Etkot” broadcast promises interesting pre-interviews, last-minute tips for the ski day and, of course, a common starting shot.

”The Jatkot” go through the mood of the event day and the event’s raffle prizes are drawn.


Share the moments during your skiing day in the social media!

Facebook: Vuokatti Hiihto Special
Instagram: use hashtag #vuokattihiihtospecial, tag @endurancekainuu

Our jury awards positive social media posts with surprise prizes.


Vuokatti Skiing Special is a goodwill event. We donate 3 € / participant of the entry fees (but at least 1000 €) to the mental health work of young people via Mieli ry. The mental health problems of young people have increased alarmingly during the Covid-19 period. We want to play our part in alleviating the current situation.


In the spirit of good-mood skiing event, all participants commit to rage-free activities on the track. We politely ask for and give the trail to those skiers who are not involved in our happy event. In addition, we will cheer for all the skiers who are on the ski track on March 20, 2021!


  • Go to the ski track only if you are completely healthy
  • Avoid physical contact and maintain adequate safety distances to other people
  • Follow the instructions issued by the authorities in connection with the Covid pandemic


The streaming of the sunniest remote cross country skiing event is part of new activities as we develop the environmental sustainability of our events. We are building EcoCompass environmental management system. This way you can be sure that we organise events that are friendly for the environment, too. When you choose to go skiing on a track close to your home, you avoid the emissions that would normally be caused by private car driving for distances of hundreds of kilometres.  Thank you for taking these tips into account and helping us to create an event that is better for the environment!

  • Don’t throw waste into the nature. Kindly, carry the waste to a rubbish bin and sort it properly. Be prepared to carry even the opened energy gel packages and other refreshments with you.
  • Choose fluoride-free ski wax products. Did you know that fluoride-based products are to be sorted as hazardous waste and harm the soil.
  • Prefer public transportation when you go to the skiing track. If private car driving is the only option – consider choosing a bio based fuel.


Kainuun Liikunta ry
Ketunpolku 1, building Tieto 1, 87100 Kajaani
tel: +358 8 632 590