• Participate only if you are healthy
  • Avoid physical contact and maintain adequate safety distances to other people
  • If the mask recommendation is valid, staff will wear face masks and visors. In this case, we also recommend participants wear face masks when a safety distance cannot be maintained
  • Wash your hands and use hand disinfectant
  • Cough and sneeze properly
  • Download the Corona Flasher application to your phone and keep it active throughout the event
  • At service points, drinking and eating will be pre-dispensed
  • In the event restaurant, soup lunch will be pre-dispensed
  • We will update our participant guidelines in accordance with the guidelines, recommendations and regulations issued by the health authorities


Opistontie 1, 88610 Vuokatti, Finland


10km free/classic

30km free/classic

50km free/classic

100km (50km classic + 50km free)


Fri 19.3. 2021 Time Notice
11.00 – 20.00 Event office open in Vuokatti Hall
11.00 – 20.00 Intersport shop open in the event centre
12.00 – 20.00 START waxing service open in the event centre
 Sat 20.3. 2021 Time Notice
6.30 – 18.00 Event office open in Vuokatti Hall
6.30 – 16.00 Intersport shop open in the event centre
6.00 – 12.00 START waxing service open in the event centre
100 km (c+f) 8.00 100 km: First  50km Classic style and the second 50km Freestyle
50 km (c) 8.00
30 km (c) 9.15
30 km (f) 9.45
50 km (f) 10.15
10 km (c & f) 12:30
13.30 Prize giving ceremony (30km, 50km + lottery prices)
16.00 Prize giving ceremony 100km


Note! Examine the map beforehand and check the skiing route before you take off for the race on Friday.

10km route map

30 km route map and profile

50 km / 100 km route map and profile

Other maps:




50km – 5 service points – Pisterinniemi 1 & 2, Vuokatin Viini, Rönkkö, Heikkilä – more information will be updated here later.

30km – 3 service points – Vuokatin viini, Rönkkö, Heikkilä – more information will be updated here later.

10km – 1 service point – Pisterinniemi 1 – more information will be updated here later.

100km skiers use the same service points with 50km skiers.

The service points offer juice, sports drinks, water, pickles, raisins and many other things. The variety of the products depends on the particular service point. For the skier´s who participate in the 100km discipline, there is also a skiing booth with service racks. There will be changing rooms and maintenance equipment present. In addition to this, the participants for this discipline also have their own changing rooms next to the finish area.


The waxing service is provided by START

Opening times: Fri 19.3. klo 12.00-20.00, Sat 20.3. klo 06.00-12.00

Waxing price list will be updated here later.

Attention! When reserved in advance together with the registration, 20% discount on waxing prices will be offered.


The three fastest men and women of every race (30km c, 30km f, 30km f U18, 50km c, 50km f and 100 km) will be awarded with gift cards. Results will be published also by age categories (M, W, M40, W40, M50, W50, M60 and W60).

The main categories in Vuokatti Hiihto are M/ W 50 km freestyle. On those categories prize money will be  awarded for 3 best skiers as follows:

1 st place – 700 €

2nd place – 400 €

3rd place – 200 €


30km, 50km and lottery prizes – at 13.30 in Vuokattihall

100km – at 16.00 in Vuokattihall



Vuokatti XC-Skiing tracks condition (online)

Vuokatti weather condition

Vuokatti weather camera (road Sotkamontie)