Detailed participant instructions will be published here in February 2024.


Find the information about arrival to our region and Vuokatti by clicking HERE.


Accommodation offers Vuokatti Hiihto 2024

Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti:
– 120 € / single room / night
– 140 € / double room / night

Original Sokos Hotel Valjus, Kajaani:
– 115 € / single room / night
– 135 € / double room / night

You will get Sokos Hotel accommodation offers (in both hotels) with reservation code: BHIIHTO24
Prices include breakfast and customer sauna.

Hotel contact information:

Original Sokos Hotel Valjus
Address: Kauppakatu 20, 87100 Kajaani
Phone: +358 10 783 2000
e-mail: valjus.kajaani@sokoshotels.fi
Internet: https://www.sokoshotels.fi/

Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti
Address: Kidekuja 2. 88610 Vuokatti
Phone. +358 10 783 1100
e-mail: hotelvuokatti.vuokatti@sokoshotels.fi
Internet: www.sokoshotels.fi 

Vuokatti Sport


Hotel rooms:

– Single room 105 €/night
– Double room 125 €/night

Includes: breakfast, gym and customer sauna


– 2-4 -person sport-apartments: 180 €/night
– 2-4 -person Vuokatti chalets apartments: 220 €/night
– 4-6 -person Vuokatti chalets apartments: 250 €/night

Minimum reservation for apartments is two nights.

Reservations: myyntipalvelu@vuokattisport.fi, phone: +358 8 6191 500

Contact and reservations: sales@vuokattisport.fi, +358 (0)8 6191 500



Opistontie 1, 88610 Vuokatti, Finland


30km free/classic
50km free/classic
100km (50km classic + 50km free)


Fri 15.3. 2024 Time
14.00 – 20.00 Event office open in the Vuokatti Arena
17.00 – 20.00 Pasta Party at Vuokatti Sport restaurant
Sat 16.3. 2024 Time
6.30 – 18.00 Event office open in the Vuokatti Areena
6.30 – 12.00 Ski waxing service open in the Vuokatti Areena
7.00 – 17.00 Intersport shop open
8.00 100 km: First  50km Classic style and the second 50km Freestyle
8.00 50 km (c)
9.15 30 km (c)
9.45 30 km (f)
10.15 50 km (f)
14.00 Prize giving ceremony (30km, 50km + lottery prices)
16.00 Prize giving ceremony 100km


Note! Examine the map beforehand and check the skiing route before you take off for the race on Friday.

30 km route map and profile

50 km / 100 km route map and profile

Other maps:




50km – 5 service points –  more information will be updated here soon.

30km – 3 service points –  more information will be updated here soon.

100km skiers use the same service points with 50km skiers.

The service points offer juice, sports drinks, water, pickles, raisins and many other things. The variety of the products depends on the particular service point. For the skiers who participate in the 100km, there are also a skiing booth with service racks at the Vuokatti Arena hall inside. There will be changing rooms and toilets nearby if needed.


The waxing service is provided by SWIX PRO and all the waxes are fluor free.

Opening times: Fri 15.3. klo 14.00-20.00, Sat 16.3. klo 06.30-12.00

Waxing price list:

  • TOP SPEED €50 (incl. cleaning of sliding surfaces, base wax and slide / surface wax according to the weather with Swix Pro TS waxes. Hand patterning is included in the price.
  • HIGH SPEED €30 (incl. cleaning of sliding surfaces, base wax and sliding wax according to the weather with Swix Pro HS waxes. Hand patterning is included in the price.
  • Grip wax €20 (incl. roughening, base wax and grip wax  with suitable Swix grip waxes or klisters)
  • Cleaning the old grip wax €15
  • Maintenance of SKIN coat 15€ (incl. cleaning of the coat with Swix Skin Cleaner and coat care with Skin Boost wax)

Waxing service reservation:

There is limited amount of skis that waxing service can handle so we advice you to do the reservation as soon as possible and in advance. You can reserve the service by sending mail to tapahtumat@kainuunliikunta.fi

The last delivery date/time of the skis

  • 8:00 100 km (50km C / 50 km F) / Skis to the waxing service Fri 15.3. by 15.00.
  • 8:00  50km Classic / Skis to the waxing service Fri 15.3. by 16.00.
  • 9.15 30km Classic / Skis to the waxing service Fri 15.3. by 17.00.
  • 9:45 30km Free / Skis to the waxing service Fri 15.3. by 7:00.
  • 10:15 Classic / Skis to the waxing service Fri 15.3. by 8:00


The Vuokatti Hiihto Pasta Party will be held on Friday 15th at 17.00-20.00 at Vuokatti Sport hotel restaurant. There will be plenty of carbonhydrates served and the program includes also some interviews. Pasta party should be reserved and paid in advance by 8.3.2024 via registration link.

Menu includes:

  • Salad buffet
  • Bread table
  • Lemon-roasted salmon 
  • Fried chicken breast 
  • Penne pasta and parmesan 
  • Sauces: tomato sauce & creamy artichoke sauce and spinach pesto 
  • Beetroot-lentil fry 
  • Ground beef lasagnet
  • Naked Cake 


The three fastest men and women of every race (30km c, 30km f, 30km f U18, 50km c, 50km f and 100 km) will be awarded with gift cards. Results will be published also by age categories (M, W, M40, W40, M50, W50, M60, W60, M70, W70).

The main categories in Vuokatti Hiihto are M/ W 50 km freestyle. On those categories prize money will be  awarded for 3 best skiers as follows:

1 st place – 700 €

2nd place – 600 €

3rd place – 400 €


30km, 50km and lottery prizes – at 14.00 at the event centre

100km – at 16.00 at the event centre


Vuokatti XC-Skiing tracks condition (online)

Vuokatti weather condition

Vuokatti weather camera (road Sotkamontie)


Vuokatti Hiihto has an Ecocompass-certificate. This means that our aim is to create and carry through our events with a minimum burden to the environment. Thank you for being part of this important action towards an environmental friendly event.

This is how you can help us in our mission:

  • Put your trash always into the bin and sort it correctly. Littering is absolutely prohibited! All the waste will be collected, sorted, and recycled. We will help you in this. All you need to do is ask.
  • Mark your name or participant number to your gels and snacks with a waterproof marker. We hope that you have the time to drop your waste into the bins but for the first time we have an actual

“trash zone” within the service area. These zones are marked, and you can leave your trash only in these areas. We will be doing some prize drawing among the participants who have followed these instructions correctly.

  • Select a fluorine-free ski wax. Did you know that waxes with fluorine are hazardous waste and can cause danger to our health and to the environment. The waste left behind from fluorine wax require special treatment so if you nevertheless choose to use them it is important to take them to hazardous waste disposal in your own city. Hazardous waste can’t be left on the event venue!
  • To reach the event venue favor carpool or public transport. If you can share a lift with your friend, you will save the carbon dioxide emission of a one car. Join the new Facebook Group Endurance Kainuu -kimppakyydit where you can offer or look for a carpool.
  • Choose the healthy and climate friendly vegetarian food alternative. We always serve also the vegetarian alternative. Did you know that the emissions are significantly lower with vegetarian alternative than meat based alternatives.
  • Bringing your own water bottle is a true ecofriendly action! The tap water in Finland is probably the best in the world! By refilling your own bottle time after time, you reduce the need of bottled water and avoid the burden for the environment caused by the production, transport and conservation of it.

How have we reduced the impacts on environment:

  • The waste sorting points are everywhere and made easy to spot. We have made our best to bring the sorting points close to you. All the bins are marked with instruction signs.
  • The event has been designed to be carried through with a minimum waste. We have replaced all the disposable materials wherever it has been possible.
  • We reduce the logistics’ emissions by planning the routes in advance. This means that we save time, driving, money and above all the environment.
  • We favor in all our acquisitions the local producers, recycling, and reuse. For example the medal that you will receive is handmade locally.